Wednesday, 31 August 2011

the 12kg cling on

My little Miss, the 1yo is seriously out of sorts at the moment... I don't think its illness, apart from the beginning of a cold which has no accompanying temperature and she's sleeping and eating ok. For both my older kids their absolute sign of being unwell is not eating and sleep goes out the window... No, missy moo is a 12kg cling on. Not sure if it's teething, or adusting to a new sibling, her no longer being the baby or the combination of all of these but she is attached to me whilst ever she's awake. I cannot even go to the loo without her coming with me, sitting on my lap (try wiping whilst keeping an active toddler on your lap).... Today she clung to me whilst we were at mothers group at a play centre, normally she's in the ball pit as fast as she can toddle! Today she clung to me whilst we had visitors, also from mothers group and despite minutes where she did regain her independence and play with the other kids, she constantly came back to me and put her arms up, begging to come 'up'. Now this can be lovely, in small doses and a part of me thinks I should enjoy it as it will be over as soon as it began. My monkey man is not clingy to me at all and never has been apart from when unwell. I should enjoy this time with my daughter as no doubt she will soon be too busy running to cuddle her mum. Or telling me that cuddles are for babies! However, when she wants to cuddle whilst I'm feeding our newborn, when she wants to cuddle our newborn whilst I'm feeding her or burping her, when she wants to cuddle while I'm trying to cook dinner or hang washing or go to the loo, well you get the idea... it's kinda difficult to 'cuddle' all the time! My Mum is here at the moment for a couple of weeks ('helping me out' but thats another blog in itself!!) so I will take full advantage and get her to help with newborn while I tend to the 12kg cling on who only seems to want mummy *sigh*
Wednesday, 24 August 2011

out of the mouths of babes

yesterday my 2yo did something that still has me in fits of giggles.... we were in a food court at a local shopping centre, both he and missy moo were in high chairs having a feast of chicken nuggets, chips and chocolate milk (judge me if you will!!)... a little girl of about 4 walked past, long blond hair, skirt and leggings and monkey man leaned over his high chair and says 'hey!' in a very 'Joey from Friends: how you doin style'... I'm sure if he could have found the words he would have asked her on a date!! Hubby and I asked if she was pretty and although the answer was 'NO' we're both sure he fancied her... I know people say it starts young but this young??

Missy Moo decided at 4.30pm last night that it was dinner time. She's just turned one, just started walking and still babbles alot so at times its hard to understand what she's on about. She's very determined though and desperate to talk... so at 4.30 she wobbles over to her high chair, saying what sounds alot like 'tea', pointing as she goes and muttering tea over and over again. I asked if she wanted dinner, to which she pulled her high chair out, grabbed a bib and put it on and proceeded to mutter tea whilst attempting to climb into her chair. Hubby and I both decided she clearly wanted tea, and she sure did as she ate a huge meal.... All my children certainly know what they want and when they want it. I'm just here to ensure they get it whilst not being spoilt. *sigh*
Monday, 22 August 2011

I'm a terrible blogger!!

well, its been well over a month since my last post, and what can I say apart from I'm a terrible blogger!! In my defence, life has been hectic to say the least so I hope I can be forgiven for my slackness and blog neglect... My little boy turned two, my little girl turned one and I'm sad to say neither are babies anymore, they really are toddlers and little people with opinions and demands and boy do they know what they want!! We had a party for them when I was only 38 weeks pregnant!?!? It seems more crazy to see it written down to be honest!! Missy moo is walking which I feared would never happen despite her only just turning one, which I believe is early to walk?? And in other news, my baby arrived and I am now officially a mum to 3 under 3.... Since our newest princess arrived, life has been interesting and the adjustment period is continuing. Her birth was not how I planned and I'm still dealing with that. It seems silly as I have a healthy baby as a result and I'm ok too but I'm disappointed things didn't go as planned. I guess the saying about 'the best laid plans' came to fruition for me... My older two have adjusted to a new sibling in different ways. Monkey man has pretty much ignored his sister for her first two weeks of life, much like he did when his first sister arrived. He's only now showing an interest, often talking to and about the baby although ask him anything about her and the answer is a resounding NO. My little miss has found it difficult I feel, she's shown alot of jealousy and is super clingy to her Daddy or I, losing the plot when either of us leaves the room. She's cut a few teeth in the last few weeks which hasn't helped her moods. The cloud seems to be lifting though so fingers crossed she's accepting of her new sister and we can all get along.

In realistic terms, until my hubby goes back to work, until my Mum goes back to work, I won't truly know what life with 3 under 3 will be like so I'll be sure to update you all in a few weeks when I'm on my own... no doubt there will be many messages of despair, sorrow (bare with me please??) but hopefully more of joy... I'll keep you posted and hopefully be a better blogger, amen :-)